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Ebola: Social justice is driving the contagion into the West.

Ideas do matter. Philosophy affects action. Obama believes that people all across the world are victims of the US and the West, and so he allows them to cross our borders illegally in the South, and to fly wherever they … Continue reading

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Sochi American Team is another casualty in spiritual warfare.

Our American Winter Olympic team is struggling, after many of the big name stars have failed to deliver on the expectations that many had for them. I do not believe in coincidences much. Our President made it a point to … Continue reading

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A post I’d like to share.

https://karamazov1989.wordpress.com/2013/04/17/butthurt-gay-launches-attack-against-catholic-church/ Not a huge fan of the title or the catholic church itself, but their sacking of a homosexual leader at a local church was the right decision. The homosexual in question is trying to force the Cardinal to have … Continue reading

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Sons of the Devil.

Those who proclaim themselves champions of freedom and equality and then seek to use force to obtain it are the devil’s men. Freedom as illustrated by these men is an absolute freedom to sin, which enslaves men in the end. … Continue reading

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Maryland is corrupt.

My state ranked 40th on the corruption chart:¬†http://www.stateintegrity.org/maryland. That means only 10 states are considered more corrupt than Maryland. This is the sad record of our state government. Government is the appointed ministers of God on earth to exact justice. … Continue reading

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