Presbyterian Assembly: Gay Marriage Is Christian – ABC News

That they can blatantly call this Christian is just insanity. Love isn’t allowing pigs to trample what is good. Sometimes you rebuke the pig to show love.

They confuse emotion with truth. Without truth love is rudderless. They should love their gay members by rebuking their lifestyle, not by celebrating their sins.

No true Christian with the knowledge of scripture and led by the Holy Spirit can claim this is good.

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Where Christian churches, other religions stand on gay marriage | Pew Research Center

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Who are you to judge comments on threads

Often on comment threads concerning biblical issues some mealy mouth will post who are you to judge?

Indeed when our commentary is based on scripture, it is not we who judged, but God. He inspired the hands of the prophets and apostles to teach His will through the Word. It is not self righteous judgment to observe and condemn behavior when there is support in scripture. Judge righteous judgment.

Yet another so called Christian denomination is voting on accepting gay marriage. The world is hellbent on forcing all to accept perversion to defile marriage further and our consciences as well. I don’t understand what the controversy is, if you follow Christ you are against it. No church should ever entertain a vote on it. The body needs to follow the head or else it is in disorder.

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A barbaric civilization murders its weakest members


Only a barbaric civilization kills its youngest and eldest members. Belgium just passed a law that allows parents to kill their terminally ill children with their consent. What sort of consent does a small child have? They are swayed by their parents, they don’t have a strong will of their own. Thus out of the parent’s self interest, they die. The Christian leaders of Belgium spoke out, and said that there is enough pain relief to let illness run its natural course, but to no avail.

It wasn’t even close, the vote was about 2 to 1 in favor of extending euthanasia to children, as if it was truly a choice for the children to make. Thus continues the slide into heathen darkness for the West. If we are willing to kill our grandparents and our children, our own flesh and blood, how fares our neighbor or the stranger? Truly the love of many IS waxing cold.

In the United States alone tens of millions of babies have been aborted since Roe V Wade, sacrificed in the name of self interest and pride, for their lives were judged to be less than their parents interests. Many claim it is done for the mother’s health, but rarely is it so, and even then it is cowardice, self interest, and pride. The sad irony is the mother does not escape her soul’s anguish, which is damaged greatly by the abominable act, usually leading to the mother requiring mind altering drugs to dull the pain. WHY ARE SO MANY AMERICAN WOMEN ON XANAX OR ZOLOFT?! Apparently their health wasn’t truly considered.

Many people are finding out the hard way now that under Obamacare the health insurance companies do not cover life saving treatments, placing the family into the bind of not being able to do anything to save their elders especially. Medicare does indeed conduct death panels, authorizing life saving treatments, or not. I have seen this in the first degree. Those who cannot afford supplemental insurance that actually covers the treatment in the case of denial, die. Health insurance costs have skyrocketed, and the quality of the coverage has plummeted.

Those who are guilty always have plausible deniability when they sit in the high places, it is no secret that the ultra rich who truly run the governments want to reduce the population. These are the presses they have set up to squeeze our weakest members of society, who are our family members, our neighbors, our friends. These plutocrats are of the devil.

This is why the Christian voice must not be silenced in public. This is why they are silencing us, because we oppose their agenda. If we are quiet no hears the Word, and the people sleep! They call us bigots, unscientific, relics, and monsters. Who is murdering the children? Who is putting the pillow over grandfather’s face?

Do not be fooled by their words, they are not in the moral right, EVER. They seek to blind others to mask their motives. Their desires drive their dark evangelism in all these agendas. Whose eyes receive light and who dwells in darkness? Those who burn in their own lusts dwell in darkness so they cannot be seen.

These reprobates who drive euthanasia, abortion, medical corruption, and many other filthy things seek to blind the eyes of the world. First they introduce the ideas to the public, then they desensitize them, then they get them to join them either directly or by getting them to approve/ take pleasure in what they do. this has been done over and over on virtually every issue these past 50 years. They do evil then justify it by calling it equality, which should be called the lowest common denominator by their definition!

The young are the key, if they win over the young it doesn’t matter what we say, and they know it. Correct the young often, take an interest in what they learn, stand for what you believe in, or lose the West to savagery. We are way behind, if the West does not learn fear, it shall never cleave to wisdom.

Belgium grants euthanasia right to terminally ill kids

Published time: February 13, 2014 20:26

AFP Photo / Etienne AnsotteAFP Photo / Etienne Ansotte

Belgium has become the first country to allow euthanasia for terminally ill children after the lower house of parliament passed the law by a large majority Thursday.

86 lawmakers in the Chamber of Representatives voted in favor with 44 against and 12 abstentions. The governing socialists, the liberals and most of the opposition parties supported it, while the Christian Democrats voted against.

The bill caused a rare union between Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders who issued a joint declaration against it.

But its supporters insist that it is humane and there are clear checks and balances in the law to prevent it being abused.

“This is not about lethal injections for children. This is about terminally ill children, whose death is imminent and who suffer greatly,” said Carnia Van Cauter, a lawmaker for the Flemish Liberal Democrats who backed the law.

The law states that children seeking euthanasia must be terminally ill, rather than just in an unbearable state of suffering, which is the qualification for adults. Adult euthanasia has been legal in Belgium since 2002.


Protesters, who call themselves the "yellow jackets", hold banners and placards as they demonstrate against a new law authorizing euthanasia for children, in Brussels February 11, 2014. (Reuters / Laurent Dubrule)Protesters, who call themselves the “yellow jackets”, hold banners and placards as they demonstrate against a new law authorizing euthanasia for children, in Brussels February 11, 2014. (Reuters / Laurent Dubrule)


Children who wish to end their lives must be “capable of discernment”, the parents must approve the child’s decision and a psychologist must test them to confirm they understand what they are doing.

But opponents say these rules are arbitrary and are the beginning of a slippery slope, which they say amounts to a “banalisation” of euthanasia.

Andre Joseph Leonard, the Archbishop of Brussels, questioned the approach of giving minors the right to decide their own death when they are not allowed to make a host of other emotional and economic decisions until they are 18.

Sonja Develter, a nurse who has cared for some 200 children in the final stages of their lives, and who opposed the law said that she didn’t expect many children to opt to die.

“In my experience as a nurse, I never had a child asking to end their life,” she told Reuters before the vote.

She added that requests for euthanasia often come from the parents of children who are emotionally exhausted from seeing their children fight for life for so long.

The vote has attracted more attention abroad than in Belgium. None of the major newspapers ran it on their front pages and TV news reports concentrated on the international coverage.

Euthanasia is also legal for adults in the neighboring Netherlands and Luxembourg, while in Switzerland it is legal if the person takes on an active role. It is also legal in the US states of Montana, Oregon, Vermont and Washington.In the Netherlands children over 12 can request to die.

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Sochi American Team is another casualty in spiritual warfare.

Our American Winter Olympic team is struggling, after many of the big name stars have failed to deliver on the expectations that many had for them. I do not believe in coincidences much.

Our President made it a point to make our team the homosexual ambassadors to the world, in part to rub it in the face of our Russian hosts, who recently passed a law banning homosexual propaganda targeted at Russian children. I say good on Russia, I only wish we were enlightened enough to protect our children as they are attempting to do. USA savages though not only do not protect our children from the propaganda of deviants, in our colossal arrogance demand the rest of the world to also victimize their children or risk losing US financial aid, and possibly be added to the list for regime change.

We are lying to the world as well concerning the Russian law, and to our own people, especially the young. Our media and educators are telling them that Russia is banning “gays”, whatever that means. I hear this nonsense at work as well. Again if only the USA would ban propaganda to its own young people, for in this matter Russia has it right.

Our athletes are so concerned with being ambassadors for sodomites, and with stripping their clothes off for magazines to show how strong and independent they are (Hint: if you are stripping you are not a strong and independent woman, you are a stripper). They must have been too tired to train properly, or to concern themselves with focusing on having a champion’s mentality.

Looks like another squad going the way of the Denver Broncos. Denver dumped Tim Tebow in part due to the management hating all the Christian and God stuff he brought to the table, especially John Elway their GM. They were delivered to the Super Bowl this year, to be humiliated on a grand scale. One well known truth forgotten recently is this, those who do evil never win in the end. Let the United States take notice, and fear. Repent of wrong or reap the whirlwind.

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Duck Dynasty Controversy

Phil Robertson, the family patriarch of Duck Dynasty did an interview for GQ that of course caused a lot of controversy.

A few thoughts on the matter, I am not a Duck Dynasty fan, I have never watched the show nor do I intend to now. I get irritated seeing it all over the stores on products that make little sense. So I am not a natural ally. I also do not know Phil’s beliefs other than what he has said, which is he is a Christian.

A&E does not have to employ him, nor do they have to run the show, unless contractually bound. Phil’s first amendment right is not violated, as that is an issue between an individual and the government. Phil was not thrown into jail, nor fined or censored by the government.

There are people who hate Christianity and seek to remove every utterance of it from the public, and homosexual activism is one of those groups full of that type of person. There is no sense of fairness in these fights and we need to ask why is it that the majority of Americans cannot speak their minds without risking being fired, fined, and even imprisoned while the minorities can say and pretty much do what they want with little to no chastisement. No one is allowed to defend the faith as it truly is in public without an overwhelming response crashing down on their head, but those who seek to strengthen atheism, immorality, and falsehoods are given safe platforms to do so constantly. If you care you need to wake up. This isn’t a game the end of it is persecution.

Phil was somewhat crude in his statements, and probably a terrible ambassador of Christ. He did not however call for gays to be discriminated against, fired or not hired, beaten, killed, nor did he clearly call for their damnation despite how people read into the Scripture quote. If damned the person is damned by the Word, which is Jesus Christ. The Word shows us the mind of the judge. Salvation is by faith alone, and yes any of the sins mentioned in the article, including homosexuality, is enough to damn the unbeliever. Even the smallest sin done even once makes one guilty of breaking all the laws and kills the spirit.

Yet one who believes the Gospel places their trust on Jesus and is saved, despite any sin they commit, even ones they continue to commit. Repentance is a change in mind, how you perceive sin and the Savior change, but your behavior may be another matter. The Jews of old knew the law and blinded themselves to their sins and thus missed grace. They fearfully believed they were perfect and would not see the spots. The Christian sees the spots, knows that he sins, and his eyes are opened, and he has the Holy Spirit too as his help to imitate Christ.

Dividing the Bible properly avoids some confusion, sometimes the message is about the gospel and salvation, and some of it is sanctification(the walk), and both are about following Jesus Christ. I am not sure if Phil was condemning the sins or the sinners when he referenced Corinthians, all I know is that Corinthians is the Word of God, and it was treated like leper cloth by the world.

Phil’s comments are rightly debated, if it matters a clearer sense of what he was trying to say would be reasonable to ask for. People could then decide if he is right. The Scripture however is not up for debate, you believe it or you don’t. Those who condemned so strongly never were interested in the conversation, they hate Christianity and look for any opportunity to corrupt and confuse, which is the same as destroying. They don’t believe because they cannot stand to have their works of darkness exposed for what they are, nor can they tolerate that there is a God to judge them. It isn’t really about Phil, it is about corrupting all of creation to make it a new creation in the image of the enemy who is so blind that he thinks he can somehow be victorious. Those who even poorly defend the Word or the name of Jesus will be targeted and brutally so. Who is oppressing whom?

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Small Things and Large Things

I teach no new wisdom. All that I say and write that is any good is simply my evolving understanding of what has been known for eons. Knowledge is indeed increasing, but wisdom has eternally been available to those who observe it. 

Evil is a progressive disease. Everyone is terminally sick with it, and as a collective the nation, the West, and the world is sick. Some people and places do better than others, and the symptoms come slower and in lesser degrees. The West and the USA in particular are in hospice care, in a daze unaware that the hours leading to the end are already here. 

Evil begins in small things, the way we think and feel. In our pride we leave our contentment and peace, and begin to believe we deserve more. In our hurt, we cut down others with gossip and slander, to make ourselves higher than they are. We commit “small” sins, and justify them because “good” will come out the results. Justification  to day for small transgressions only prepares our hearts to justify horrors tomorrow. 

Look at our people. Not long ago our appearance was wholesome, we were clean, in decent clothes, well groomed. Small acts of wickedness were looked down upon. Cursing, rudeness, and other forms of social foulness were kept in check. Look at our people. Go to any store and observe what you see. Foul clothing, foul mouths, and tatoos and piercing. So what you say? What sort of souls do such people have? Are they in general hearts pierced by the light of Jesus? No they dwell in darkness, their minds literally blinded and cannot see any light, for they have no good eye to see. 

They curse, abuse, deceive, and do not care about others. They are an offensive civilization and they cause more evil to grow by fouling the soil of our society. Out of them come broken homes, abused children who become abusive adults, and worse yet to.

They do not care. This may be the worst accusation of our people. To sin is unfortunate indeed, but to not care shows a lack of love for God and neighbor. If no one cares then no one corrects. Correction is love, and so is justice. Correction shows that you care enough about someone to help them away from the path of destruction. Justice shows love to those victimized by evil. We have neither these days. Society tells Christians to be silent and speak not of Jesus, and no one cares. Everyone complains about how nothing ever gets fixed, but in truth it doesn’t get fixed because no one cares. We don’t care that Democrats and Republicans are about their side winning, and not the people, and no one cares. Kerry and Obama bashed Bush for the Iraq war, and then start wars of their own, but this time it is moral. We will be fooled, because no one cares. We complain about broken families, but dishonor marriage by making profane unions equal to the sacred union of a man and a wife joined as one flesh. No one cares, no one ever connects the dots. The “small” sin does indeed become the precursor for the “larger” sin. We cry out in fear for our children and ourselves due to violence, and try to take away the tools instead of seeking out the sources of violence. Hollywood wants to take your gun but glorifies violence everyday graphically. You can take away all weapons forever and the violence will remain. Did you know the Rwandan genocide was carried out with sticks and stones more or less? Fools say that there is no link to what people watch on TV and what they do. We are blind. We refuse to see. We are responsible.

You are a prime mover. You have a choice, and God has granted you the ability to make choices. Not all choices are equal in worth, and freedom without fear of God is a disaster. You affect everyone around you. You can choose to be destructive with your words, your appearance, and your actions. Most do this everyday, and that is why all the systems of the West are collapsing. What will replace it will be totalitarian in nature, and you will only have the choice of do or die then. When the money runs out, when all faith in the system fails, people will look for the dictator. It happens to every civilization that loses its way. Caesar didn’t take over because Rome was prosperous and strong. You are blessed for now to be the agonist in your environment. You can stand strong and have hope when others try to spread despair. True hope is based on Jesus, not on someone or something in this world. When angry people come by you, hold onto your joy. When others treat you in a despicable way, hold onto your love. Evil people love it when others act evil in retaliation. They feel justified, that their way is good. Jesus told us to repay evil with good for a reason, it is how you fight the war! When someone is depressed, cheer them up, when someone is doing wrong correct them with understanding. Remember your place and only judge in a righteous way. May those who read this be blessed in whatever way the Lord deems appropriate. 

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