Obama the facilitator of destruction

Ebola now has unlimited reach within the United States due to the second ebola nurse taking a flight from Cleveland to Dallas while in the infectious stage. This would never had happened if travel was shut down from West Africa to the United States months ago as it should have. Secondly, the government knew there was an infection risk with the caretakers of Duncan, and did nothing to limit the spread by keeping the potential victims in quarantine.

Amber Vinson’s actions by taking a plane when she knew she could possibly be infected were ignorant and malicious. She will be guilty of causing much grief and possibly death.

He who deserves the most blame though is our inglorious president Obama. He has mishandled virtually every crisis that has come his way. When he did take action, it was for wrong. When he didn’t, he facilitated evil by passivity. History will not be kind to him. May his days in office be shortened for the sake of the people, may mercy come though we deserve it not.

His reasons do not matter, his instinct is just wrong because he is an antichrist and an enemy to humanity. He left the gates open to America so that plague ridden folks can enter at will. When it is not Ebola it is enterovirus. He did not demand the CDC quarantine those who encountered the ebola patient in their work. He did not make sure they had the right protocol. He was hands off when national security was on the line.

The first job of the president is to serve the people, to protect them. Not once has he done so. He has pandered to those who give him political points, he panders to his strange notions, he sympathizes with those who have no regard for our lives. He does not serve our people, nor does he benefit any civilized people in this world. His every action has destabilized the world, and has been a boon to the fortunes of the wicked.

World War 3 being set up, illegals invading of the southern border, ebola, a terror army, scandals galore, oppression of political opponents by the IRS, demonization of Christians by the government, and the list goes on. This is your legacy Obama, the tinder you lay at your feet. The match will be struck and thrown and there will be no joy because America and the world shall burn with you.

Hope lies with God, it does not dwell anywhere in this world, least of all with the servants of Satan who masquerade as the ministers of God’s justice. Abandon false hope and cleave to Jesus, who offers the true hope of salvation and eternal life.


About endwatcher

A resident of Maryland, I am a born again believer who places his faith on Jesus for salvation. I seek to live out being His disciple and follow after Him.
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