Ebola: Social justice is driving the contagion into the West.

Ideas do matter. Philosophy affects action. Obama believes that people all across the world are victims of the US and the West, and so he allows them to cross our borders illegally in the South, and to fly wherever they please from abroad despite them coming from plaguelands.

This president is a traitor for many reasons to his charges, the american people. The greatest reason is he does not defend them from threats to their security. The second greatest (and greatest long term) is that he does not defend them from subversive elements that have infected education and society.

The greatest disease is social justice, which allows the unworthy power over the unfavored. The unworthy have many faces, and they may be perfectly fine in some arenas of life, but not over the ones they are given power over by the social justice warriors like Obama.

Obama gives the unworthy power over our very lives now. Women can falsely accuse men of rape in colleges, and the men are kicked out of school and their reputations are ruined. Illegals are dumped across this nation, and they take work away from the natives, and crime and disease increase. Christians across this nation are being silenced, and the Sword of the Lord the very Word is being sheathed. Islamists are murdering across the Middle East, and Obama is does nothing significant as Christians and other minorities are slaughtered.

He may not be for these crimes, but he certainly is not against them according to his actions. For his policies and or his silence drives them all forward.

Woe to the unfavored, those not conferred victim status, for no justice shall be done for them by this prince. Social justice does not allow for true justice. By judging by man’s relativist standards, those needing true justice remain unserved. All those who shall die of Ebola are murdered by this government, who cared not for their lives, but for the privilege of those they deemed their favored under social justice.


About endwatcher

A resident of Maryland, I am a born again believer who places his faith on Jesus for salvation. I seek to live out being His disciple and follow after Him.
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