Sochi American Team is another casualty in spiritual warfare.

Our American Winter Olympic team is struggling, after many of the big name stars have failed to deliver on the expectations that many had for them. I do not believe in coincidences much.

Our President made it a point to make our team the homosexual ambassadors to the world, in part to rub it in the face of our Russian hosts, who recently passed a law banning homosexual propaganda targeted at Russian children. I say good on Russia, I only wish we were enlightened enough to protect our children as they are attempting to do. USA savages though not only do not protect our children from the propaganda of deviants, in our colossal arrogance demand the rest of the world to also victimize their children or risk losing US financial aid, and possibly be added to the list for regime change.

We are lying to the world as well concerning the Russian law, and to our own people, especially the young. Our media and educators are telling them that Russia is banning “gays”, whatever that means. I hear this nonsense at work as well. Again if only the USA would ban propaganda to its own young people, for in this matter Russia has it right.

Our athletes are so concerned with being ambassadors for sodomites, and with stripping their clothes off for magazines to show how strong and independent they are (Hint: if you are stripping you are not a strong and independent woman, you are a stripper). They must have been too tired to train properly, or to concern themselves with focusing on having a champion’s mentality.

Looks like another squad going the way of the Denver Broncos. Denver dumped Tim Tebow in part due to the management hating all the Christian and God stuff he brought to the table, especially John Elway their GM. They were delivered to the Super Bowl this year, to be humiliated on a grand scale. One well known truth forgotten recently is this, those who do evil never win in the end. Let the United States take notice, and fear. Repent of wrong or reap the whirlwind.


About endwatcher

A resident of Maryland, I am a born again believer who places his faith on Jesus for salvation. I seek to live out being His disciple and follow after Him.
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