Duck Dynasty Controversy

Phil Robertson, the family patriarch of Duck Dynasty did an interview for GQ that of course caused a lot of controversy.

A few thoughts on the matter, I am not a Duck Dynasty fan, I have never watched the show nor do I intend to now. I get irritated seeing it all over the stores on products that make little sense. So I am not a natural ally. I also do not know Phil’s beliefs other than what he has said, which is he is a Christian.

A&E does not have to employ him, nor do they have to run the show, unless contractually bound. Phil’s first amendment right is not violated, as that is an issue between an individual and the government. Phil was not thrown into jail, nor fined or censored by the government.

There are people who hate Christianity and seek to remove every utterance of it from the public, and homosexual activism is one of those groups full of that type of person. There is no sense of fairness in these fights and we need to ask why is it that the majority of Americans cannot speak their minds without risking being fired, fined, and even imprisoned while the minorities can say and pretty much do what they want with little to no chastisement. No one is allowed to defend the faith as it truly is in public without an overwhelming response crashing down on their head, but those who seek to strengthen atheism, immorality, and falsehoods are given safe platforms to do so constantly. If you care you need to wake up. This isn’t a game the end of it is persecution.

Phil was somewhat crude in his statements, and probably a terrible ambassador of Christ. He did not however call for gays to be discriminated against, fired or not hired, beaten, killed, nor did he clearly call for their damnation despite how people read into the Scripture quote. If damned the person is damned by the Word, which is Jesus Christ. The Word shows us the mind of the judge. Salvation is by faith alone, and yes any of the sins mentioned in the article, including homosexuality, is enough to damn the unbeliever. Even the smallest sin done even once makes one guilty of breaking all the laws and kills the spirit.

Yet one who believes the Gospel places their trust on Jesus and is saved, despite any sin they commit, even ones they continue to commit. Repentance is a change in mind, how you perceive sin and the Savior change, but your behavior may be another matter. The Jews of old knew the law and blinded themselves to their sins and thus missed grace. They fearfully believed they were perfect and would not see the spots. The Christian sees the spots, knows that he sins, and his eyes are opened, and he has the Holy Spirit too as his help to imitate Christ.

Dividing the Bible properly avoids some confusion, sometimes the message is about the gospel and salvation, and some of it is sanctification(the walk), and both are about following Jesus Christ. I am not sure if Phil was condemning the sins or the sinners when he referenced Corinthians, all I know is that Corinthians is the Word of God, and it was treated like leper cloth by the world.

Phil’s comments are rightly debated, if it matters a clearer sense of what he was trying to say would be reasonable to ask for. People could then decide if he is right. The Scripture however is not up for debate, you believe it or you don’t. Those who condemned so strongly never were interested in the conversation, they hate Christianity and look for any opportunity to corrupt and confuse, which is the same as destroying. They don’t believe because they cannot stand to have their works of darkness exposed for what they are, nor can they tolerate that there is a God to judge them. It isn’t really about Phil, it is about corrupting all of creation to make it a new creation in the image of the enemy who is so blind that he thinks he can somehow be victorious. Those who even poorly defend the Word or the name of Jesus will be targeted and brutally so. Who is oppressing whom?


About endwatcher

A resident of Maryland, I am a born again believer who places his faith on Jesus for salvation. I seek to live out being His disciple and follow after Him.
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