Looks like Jesus-is-Savior.com is gone.

http://www.jesus-is-savior.com has been down for roughly a week.  This website at first glance looked like your typical terrifying bible thumping webpage complete with ghastly photos of aborted children. It casts judgment against many sins, and points out that America is now an evil nation, and warns of its imminent demise. In short, it is everything that your normal person on the street would stereotype about those crazy Christians.

When I first believed I was living overseas and was reading the Bible a lot, but I was having trouble putting it all together. I believed the Gospel, but was having trouble relating how it effects my thoughts, attitudes, and the life I lead. I searched through the web at the time and found nothing I really thought was useful. Then I came across Jesus-is-savior.com and at first had the normal man’s reaction to it and was about to click away. I began reading some of the articles however and realized that the author was not a man of hate, but a man who loves God before the world, and who felt the need to preach the Word undiluted. This was what I was looking for, and I have read this site frequently since 2005. There is literally no other site on the internet like it.

David Stewart’s (the webmaster) take on NWO, conspiracies etc can be dismissed out of hand if you like, but his preaching on the Word is amazing, it takes deep doctrines and lays it out for the normal man to understand. He harped over and over that salvation is by faith in Jesus alone, and nothing else. He took a uncompromising stand against virtually all religions, including most protestant faiths and the Catholic church. He did not attack them out of spite, but because they taught doctrine contrary to the Word of God. He wrote much on the social evils of our times; including feminism, gay activism, and abortion.

David helped to shape much of my understanding of Scripture, and I thank him for that. One of his other sites http://www.soulwinning.info/ is still up, with many good articles and practical direction for the Christian life. I hope his main site returns shortly, but if not, he gave us what we needed when we needed it, and we cannot ask for more.

Thanks Dave, hope all is well with you.



About endwatcher

A resident of Maryland, I am a born again believer who places his faith on Jesus for salvation. I seek to live out being His disciple and follow after Him.
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