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Not a huge fan of the title or the catholic church itself, but their sacking of a homosexual leader at a local church was the right decision. The homosexual in question is trying to force the Cardinal to have dinner with him and his lover, which would of course be a violation of New Testament doctrine. Furthermore, they are trying to force at the very least their participation in communion while actively committing unrepented and unconfessed sin. The author’s rewritten letter to the Cardinal is excellent:


Cardinal Timothy Dolan, President, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Bishop William Murphy, Diocese of Rockville Centre
Joseph Zwilling, Communications Director, Archdiocese of New York

On Easter of 2013, Cardinal Dolan said the Roman Catholic Church isn’t anti-anybody, and that the church has to do better at listening to and supporting gay people. I’m asking Cardinal Dolan to continue to affirm the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Apostles, and God Almighty himself in doctrine and deed.

After nearly a decade of false service to St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic Church in Oceanside, New York, Nicholas Coppola was justly and rightfully stripped of all roles and responsibilities within the church, for demonstrating he spat on the Holy Law which was given to us by Christ himself and laid out for us under the Apostles. He willfully broke fellowship with the church by embracing a life of sin and must be excommunicated until such time as he truly and earnestly repents of his sins.

It’s time to take the unpopular stance.

A man who read the Bible and understands its teachings.


I bolded false service because that is exactly what it was. He wants his way to be accepted, instead of accepting what the Bible says concerning his sins. We all fail at times, but we must affirm the doctrine of the Bible or forfeit the notion that we are Christians.

My response to this post:


Your proposed letter to Cardinal Dolan is spot on sir. My stance is the Bible(as it is the Word of God) is the authority on all issues, we cannot call ourselves Christians if we allow ourselves to be carried away by the vile spirit of modernism. Homosexual activism and influence needs to be unabashedly opposed for what it truly is; violation of God’s law and by extension natural law. When we change marriage from being between a man and a woman exclusively, we make marriage anything, and thus profane (common) rather than sacred. When we take the church and allow anything we are trying to join the profane with Jesus Christ, the head of the church. God does not look favorably on those who see their own ways as righteous. Sodomites that try to force their sin as acceptable are the very definition of self-righteous.

God does not exist for us and our desires, we exist for His pleasure and purpose. When we reject what the Bible says we are declaring ourselves god, with a judgment superior to the God of the Bible. Thus we become an antichrist. There is certainly a place for those with sodomite tendencies in the church, but it is at the place God deems for them, not what they deem is right for themselves. A straight man should not be allowed communion if he is fornicating or being an adulterer (active unconfessed sins), nor should a sodomite be allowed communion if he is fornicating with his own kind or marrying them. I too have been at times unworthy, as have we all. We confess and continue to get back up as we stumble. A man with a serious issue like that who is in violation of the biblical requirements for a church leader cannot be allowed to lead.

Sects of Christianity who support in doctrine homosexuality, abortion, and feminism do their members no favors, and do not love them, for they encourage them to stumble and fall. These filthy practices also destroy the foundation of the family and civilization, a biblical marriage between a man and woman where proper love and submission are being expressed.

Sorry for the length of the post.


This is not about hating people, I rather not fight over anything, but you either believe the Word of God is the final authority on all matters or you don’t. If you don’t then why call yourself a christian? You are believing in your own ways and have no use for Jesus and His Gospel.

Those who believe need to learn to not be ashamed of what they believe. We are not the ignorant ones, they are for not observing the laws of God and His creation. May they repent and believe before it is too late.


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A resident of Maryland, I am a born again believer who places his faith on Jesus for salvation. I seek to live out being His disciple and follow after Him.
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