The election could never provide true hope.

The vote meant nothing, it was just an official validation for what is to befall the US and the world. Romney was not going to stop the debt avalanche, he could only offer the world some confidence for a while, which would probably have kept the stock market from tanking for a time. Being a Mormon  he would not have been guided by the Holy Spirit in decision making, he is team Satan just the same as Obama is.

The American people failed well before the election ever happened, because they did not demand better candidates. Their choices were a Goldman Sachs backed president, or a Goldman Sachs backed challenger. If you are wondering why they would sponsor both, it is simple, they win no matter who got the most votes. In fact, all the special interests won regardless who won Tuesday. Those who have the money select the candidates, which effectively places the blinders on the voters. They do not serve you, they serve themselves and their gods. There was no hope of victory on Tuesday for the country.

If you did not vote out of moral concern, then I believe (yes just my belief) you did well. Voting legitimatizes what is coming next, you are accountable for what your candidate does. You gave them approval, so they won’t blink when they victimize you and your family. They will take and take, in the name of saving America from the problems they created all along. You will say it can’t happen here, when terrible laws are passed, you will say it can’t get worse. Yet evil encroaches incrementally. You gave approval to the politicians to pass Obamacare, and they said there will be no public option or death panels. Now both are in play. The elderly have to get approval for procedures that can save their lives. America has given consent to abortion for near 40 years, and the American whoreslut has filled her cup with the blood of babies by the millions. Drunken with self interest over the lives of others, we have sacrificed tens of millions to strange gods indeed.

A civilization that kills its weakest members, the young, old, and disabled, has always been historically classified as barbaric. Nazi Germany did so and was rightfully condemned. No one sane mourned her, nor shall they mourn America when she is tied to the stake either. They will point to our atrocities to justify any torment they inflict on us. The judgement will not only be on the Obama administration, he indeed is only picking up where others have left off. He is simply increasing the acceleration of evil that will cause the collapse of American power sooner.

Our leaders have only given us what we deserve, the main problem with America is not politicians, nor lawyers, nor the rich. The problem is the people. They do not care about anything but vanity. If you are honest about your observation of the people around you, what do you see? These are generalizations but they are stupid, fat, and distracted. Their conversations are empty words just to talk, and anything of substance said is always about worldly gain. I do not hate them, I pity them, and their emptiness threatens to fill me with despair. Even professed Christians I run into their main concern is their own welfare, how will they survive. Well in the end you won’t, none of us will.

There is no hope in all the earth, none. The people are evil, and cannot make the leaders accountable. The leaders are all owned by the god of this world, Satan. I do not see this view as pessimistic strangely, I do not have to worry about searching the world for answers for it has none. The hope of mankind is Jesus, only He can save us. We drown in sins, but He died to pay for them. He was buried, and rose back to glorious life three days after the cross. All who place their faith on Lord Jesus shall be saved and have eternal life through Him. I have no proof, only faith, and the witnessed accounts presented in the gospel. It is more than what people who believe the big bang or evolution can give you 😛 and it is enough for me.


About endwatcher

A resident of Maryland, I am a born again believer who places his faith on Jesus for salvation. I seek to live out being His disciple and follow after Him.
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