Order defies the concept of a Godless creation.

With casual observation even a child can see what an atheist cannot. We are unlike anything else seen in creation. We can speculate that there are aliens that are like us in some capacity, but that would require faith which they don’t like to believe they have 🙂 Their flawed logic leads them to believe in a Big Bang that defies the laws of known physics (thus how can it be logical?) for not even light itself could escape such a point of near infinite mass. Then they believe an explosion somehow formed a orderly universe with no guiding hand. The best physicists in the world know there are laws, but they cannot determine how they came to be or where they come from. Science is best when it is an open minded search for the truth, but they throw out the idea of God before the search even begins.

The same haphazard logic applies to evolution. There are no transition fossils, there are no links between man and ape found, and there have been proven cases of scientists trying to perpetrate frauds to support their theories. Science is meaningless when no empirical evidence exists, it is just a guess. They can believe a pool of goo can become life, but cannot believe in a witnessed case of resurrection. What guides the hand of animals in their quest to evolve? Nature? Is nature on its own an intelligent force? Did the animals will the adaptation? Regardless by their theories humans would not have come to the place we are now. Animals supposedly evolved to survive, we have abilities that take us far beyond surviving, we dominate the earth and thrive.

Our bodies are not a jumble of crude adaptations, but a masterpiece of God. The zenith of human technology and knowledge cannot create a machine as perfect as the human body. We can manipulate genes and DNA perhaps, but to build something like us from scratch is beyond us. Therefore, by the reasoning of the atheists blind nature somehow created a being more advanced than anything our civilization has ever created. Of course, that is no logic at all. No animal can do all the things we can do. We build cities, and roads, and civilizations. Our minds think of the future and places vision into action. Our tools are complex beyond anything the ape can conceive.  We have a range of motion that no other animal can do. We see deep into space and begin to see how complex the universe is.  A mocker points to an animal and says it is somewhat like us, when its best efforts are a crude mockery of the real thing.

We can be vessels that understand that there is a God, and He has laws, and we know when we violate them. How do we know that? We wouldn’t be talking about God unless we knew He existed, and certainly atheists wouldn’t get so angry about Him if they truly didn’t think He existed. They hate Him because they want to be God themselves, anyone who disagrees with their judgments is a primitive fool in their eyes. Competition is not welcome, no matter how worthy.

For all the confusion people try to heap in front of us, observation of the laws of the universe, the order of ecosystems and life on Earth, and the peerless mind and body of mankind points to a creation with a Creator. Laws are created by someone, and they are enforced by someone. A house falls into decay quickly unless it is being maintained by someone, and the same applies to creation. Observation shows that creation is not random, by faith we know it was created by God.


About endwatcher

A resident of Maryland, I am a born again believer who places his faith on Jesus for salvation. I seek to live out being His disciple and follow after Him.
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