Too many wants, masquerading as needs.

People constantly worry about money, but money rarely is an issue in America concerning the things that are important. People believe they have many needs but the bible does not. The bible states simply that the needs of man are food and clothing. We have a house of cards of needs. Because of the way we  live we will have many needs based on many wants, the things that are not essential.

We all work away from each other so we need phones and texting to maintain closeness. We need good cars because stores and jobs are no longer near us. We need houses and heating because we no longer have the skill or time to make simple homes and cut and burn wood for our own heat. We aren’t even getting into all the other little wants we desire and require money to indulge in. We see money as a liberator but money enslaves us to a mode of living where we are constantly working to get the money that is often leeched away by the expenses associated with the working lifestyle we have!

Then we have the retirement, where we collected enough money, or ensured we will get a pension so that we can live in pleasures for the last years of our lives, if we are lucky. Usually we are so abused by working for this “paradise” that our health issues take from our happiness and/or we die early from them, painfully. Rare is the individual who does some good with their money, but money is no barrier if you want to do good.

Most of us cannot just drop our jobs or shed our possessions however. That said, I say little by little we should scale back the cycle of working to pay for temporal pleasures. Cut your expensive pleasures out, lower the cost of living and that way you are not as much a slave to work. You can find a job that takes less time, or is less stress so you can enjoy life more in a meaningful way.

What is there to enjoy? What good can I do? You need not look far. Play with your children, they don’t need expensive toys. A cheap ball is enough for most boys, talking and pretending with your daughter is usually enough for her. Your spouse doesn’t need TV, or an expensive hobby, and neither do you. Spend time with them, talk about life, your goals, what you believe in. Pass the time in kindness with one another. Walk, and enjoy the outdoors. If you live in a bad area, find another, it isnt hard to get out to a more rural place to live. Live more for others, and less for yourself and your desires. They are trapping you in a prison, requiring you to spend all your time working to fulfill them.

In the end, serving for money is hollow, and serving yourself will lead to misery. It is better to serve Jesus, and I believe a simpler life makes the time for doing just that in the spheres that you can influence. Gratitude for what you have cures the hunger for the things you do not need.


About endwatcher

A resident of Maryland, I am a born again believer who places his faith on Jesus for salvation. I seek to live out being His disciple and follow after Him.
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