Becoming your enemy

      The easiest way to become just like your enemy is to act like your enemy. Thus, you have the same life as your enemy. Your enemy hates you, and does dishonorable things to you. When you hate your enemy, and justify vile acts against him, you have just become like him. This is why the manosphere is a failure. Their great enemy is feminism, which is a doctrine of hate against men. When we hate them back we become just like them, and thus there is no difference. 

      The manosphere has correctly identified problems, the laws, the culture, and women in general have great faults and prejudices against men. The solutions offered so far are lacking completely however. Men have no political power to end the evil laws at this time, the culture is corrupt and will have to fall at this point before being reforged, and no one can truly subjugate women either or even curb their worst traits until all is changed. Truly there is nothing that can be done on a grand scale, for now.

      A few years ago the term gone ghost was big in the manosphere, it meant withdrawing from the world. To a degree this may be the best solution currently for men. This does not mean we have to go live in a cave up in Alaska, but simply disengage from the culture, and focus more inward. We can do this while still going about our lives. Learn and do things for your own enjoyment and conviction, not on the expectations of others. Reduce your reliance on material goods, cut your cable bill, do things that inspire you rather than enslave you.

      Obviously as a Christian I believe that you should believe the gospel and believe on Jesus for your salvation, thus placing you in liberty forever. Regardless of your choice though, bitterness and hatred will not win any war against feminism and women. Empire after empire rose and fell in an endless cycle of oppression and then uprising of the oppressed who then become the next oppressors. They learned nothing and became nothing. Win this war with love(not romantic), do what is good and in the end the evil shall fall.


About endwatcher

A resident of Maryland, I am a born again believer who places his faith on Jesus for salvation. I seek to live out being His disciple and follow after Him.
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