War is inevitable.

      War is coming, and is indeed raging on many fronts. Syria is probably the most prominent front of physical conflict. The western powers and Russia are practicing brinkmanship there, and the world may burn for it. There are other wars though, and they all are related to the true war, the rebellion against God.
      The spiritual war flows through our current cultural battles. We once had a culture that respected natural law and God’s word. It was not perfect but it served us well for centuries. We now have many cultures competing for supremacy in this land, and we cannot be one people because of this. The main culture of the USA is pagan with the slight nod to churchianity. It denies absolute truth. Islam and other cultures alien to this land also are making inroads. Co-existance in the long run is impossible because these factions have nothing in common. The fighting has already begun in the courts, in the mediai, and in the schools.
      On the personal level powers are constantly striving against you, to break you, to make you give up and give in. Resolve to do good and watch as doubts nag and people oppose you.
      True peace in this world is impossible because humanity is flawed. Nothing built lasts, anything gained is eventually lost. War is our constant, and we waste our lives in foolishness instead of fighting for what is good. No treasure of this world will survive in the end. Instead of doing what pleases us, we should do what pleases God, and battle whatever wickedness stands in the way. We should believe Jesus is the savior, and place our faith on him to be saved. Only then shall we be on the right side in the spiritual war, and only then shall we have peace with God. God always is, thus peace with Him is better than with the world which will be judged.


About endwatcher

A resident of Maryland, I am a born again believer who places his faith on Jesus for salvation. I seek to live out being His disciple and follow after Him.
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