Obama the facilitator of destruction

Ebola now has unlimited reach within the United States due to the second ebola nurse taking a flight from Cleveland to Dallas while in the infectious stage. This would never had happened if travel was shut down from West Africa to the United States months ago as it should have. Secondly, the government knew there was an infection risk with the caretakers of Duncan, and did nothing to limit the spread by keeping the potential victims in quarantine.

Amber Vinson’s actions by taking a plane when she knew she could possibly be infected were ignorant and malicious. She will be guilty of causing much grief and possibly death.

He who deserves the most blame though is our inglorious president Obama. He has mishandled virtually every crisis that has come his way. When he did take action, it was for wrong. When he didn’t, he facilitated evil by passivity. History will not be kind to him. May his days in office be shortened for the sake of the people, may mercy come though we deserve it not.

His reasons do not matter, his instinct is just wrong because he is an antichrist and an enemy to humanity. He left the gates open to America so that plague ridden folks can enter at will. When it is not Ebola it is enterovirus. He did not demand the CDC quarantine those who encountered the ebola patient in their work. He did not make sure they had the right protocol. He was hands off when national security was on the line.

The first job of the president is to serve the people, to protect them. Not once has he done so. He has pandered to those who give him political points, he panders to his strange notions, he sympathizes with those who have no regard for our lives. He does not serve our people, nor does he benefit any civilized people in this world. His every action has destabilized the world, and has been a boon to the fortunes of the wicked.

World War 3 being set up, illegals invading of the southern border, ebola, a terror army, scandals galore, oppression of political opponents by the IRS, demonization of Christians by the government, and the list goes on. This is your legacy Obama, the tinder you lay at your feet. The match will be struck and thrown and there will be no joy because America and the world shall burn with you.

Hope lies with God, it does not dwell anywhere in this world, least of all with the servants of Satan who masquerade as the ministers of God’s justice. Abandon false hope and cleave to Jesus, who offers the true hope of salvation and eternal life.

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Ebola: Social justice is driving the contagion into the West.

Ideas do matter. Philosophy affects action. Obama believes that people all across the world are victims of the US and the West, and so he allows them to cross our borders illegally in the South, and to fly wherever they please from abroad despite them coming from plaguelands.

This president is a traitor for many reasons to his charges, the american people. The greatest reason is he does not defend them from threats to their security. The second greatest (and greatest long term) is that he does not defend them from subversive elements that have infected education and society.

The greatest disease is social justice, which allows the unworthy power over the unfavored. The unworthy have many faces, and they may be perfectly fine in some arenas of life, but not over the ones they are given power over by the social justice warriors like Obama.

Obama gives the unworthy power over our very lives now. Women can falsely accuse men of rape in colleges, and the men are kicked out of school and their reputations are ruined. Illegals are dumped across this nation, and they take work away from the natives, and crime and disease increase. Christians across this nation are being silenced, and the Sword of the Lord the very Word is being sheathed. Islamists are murdering across the Middle East, and Obama is does nothing significant as Christians and other minorities are slaughtered.

He may not be for these crimes, but he certainly is not against them according to his actions. For his policies and or his silence drives them all forward.

Woe to the unfavored, those not conferred victim status, for no justice shall be done for them by this prince. Social justice does not allow for true justice. By judging by man’s relativist standards, those needing true justice remain unserved. All those who shall die of Ebola are murdered by this government, who cared not for their lives, but for the privilege of those they deemed their favored under social justice.

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Equality for all is not only impossible, but evil as well.

  1. 1.
    of, relating to, or believing in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.
    “a fairer, more egalitarian society”
  1. 1.
    a person who advocates or supports egalitarian principles.
    an unreasonable person blinded by pride. (My definition)
    Equality in its most universal sense is that all people and things are valued the same. This just simply is not true and is easily observed as not being true in nature and society.
    Is a pedophile equal to the child they raped?
    Is the unborn equal to the murdering parent(s)?
    Is man equal to the task of childbirth?
    Are women good frontline infantry?
    Is a drunkard equal to the sober?
    Is an adulterer equal to the faithful?
    Is homosexual marriage equal to heterosexual marriage?
    If you can see you know the answer is no to all of these. If you are blinded by pride then you hate people who do better than you and seek to tear down the standard they represent, and be….equal, in defilement at least in their twisted minds.
    Egalitarians have so much hubris they cannot see where they fall short and won’t respect those who do make the marks. The true nature of things is that all things are higher or lower to all things. Women do some things well and other things they do not do well. The same can be said of men. Sinner may have equal access to the Grace of God as the so called righteous, but their actions do lower their value in this world.
    It is proper for the lower to respect the higher, and the higher to honor and edify the lower. Egalitarians rather profane all things to make a world safe for their egos.
    They are perfect tools for unclean spirits, who use them to corrupt and ruin all they touch.
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The high places are where the darkness dwells

Not only are our leaders evil, they are controlled by fallen spirits as well who inspire and drive them to greater depths of depravity. Each nation likely has a hierarchy of fallen angels who answer to a prince, who answers to Lucifer. Thus evil is worldwide and well coordinated in ways we cannot imagine. The two main types of evil are the control groups and the chaos groups.

Chaos groups are temporary and are revolutionists. They push for change constantly, cause new norms, and are aggressive and or violent. Most leftist outfits are chaos groups, they are basically human ordinance meant to pulverize tradition and good, though sometimes controlled opposition that appears right can be chaos groups too.

Control groups are the final hegemony that controls nations and eventually the world. They are ultimately leftist and totalitarian, when they finish seizing control they will liquidate the very surprised chaos groups. Lucifer wants no free will to be left on earth, you can observe his very nature in the way gay activism, feminism, environmentalism, and other isms try to take over all aspects of your life. When companies give you directives to not criticize homosexuality, to not be silent, but to affirm and celebrate it, you have seen the shadow of the devil himself.

We cannot even see all the evil being done on earth, the media is tightly controlled by a small cabal of individuals. Ever notice that international news is sparse, missing, and slow in reporting? Why does the latest celebrity to show skin rate as newsworthy on supposedly serious news sites? We are being blinded.

Any institution that allows you to resist their way of thinking and authority is under attack. The IRS keeps you from being able to organize politically because it strangles your funds. The border is opened and flooded so you have no nation to identify with and parasites devour your resources.

Your jobs are sent overseas and you have to concern yourself with scrapping to survive which keeps you tired and unable to pay attention to what your enemies are doing.

Marriage is easily dissolved, no fault laws mean no responsible party at fault. Except men. We are always made to pay. Then to mock marriage further they are redefining it to include gays and soon who knows what. They are taking a sacred bond between men and women and profaning it. It is never enough to simply destroy, defilement is their pleasure.

They encourage the murder of babies and elders, and pass laws that facilitate these sacrifices. Abortion is a blood sacrifice to the devil, always has been and always will be. Some leftists want children up to 3 years old to be fair game for murder. It seems insane but the first step to embracing evil is to introduce the idea of it. First it is reviled, then eventually it becomes the norm. Elders waste resources and may have wisdom that would be against the wishes of the princes of darkness. Death panels are real, rejecting treatments that could save elderly people’s lives is real. Obamacare means you are dead when you need their services and they have no use for you.

Your wives are married to the government, marriage is a three way party contract. They are encouraged in many quarters to destroy the marriage and you. Feminist friends in their misery spread misery through false advice. Your children are raised in schools that teach children to hate you and embrace leftism. Young adults come out of school rebellious and ironically voting for more control over their lives. 

Your church became a business with 501c tax exempt status. The government pays them hush money to not speak out against evil. Your preachers are unwilling or unable to be true watchmen. The hands fleece the sheep. The Word is banned from public discourse.

Equality is a not a race to excellence, but to the bottom. Those who do well are called evil, in the end all people will dwell in a low estate, ruled over by the elite, and worship a false Christ who will be Lucifer himself. Their rule will be destroyed by Jesus the True, but it will be too late for the billions who will share in the anguish of fire that their masters will enter.

My eye cannot see it all, the chaos compasses me, all worldly devices are corrupted, the day of man is ended. The voices cry out for justice, which will not be equal, or social, or of man, but of God. Woe to those who did their evil works in Jesus name, saying we did abortion for our Jesus, we bled nations for our Jesus, we gave our children over to perverts to our Jesus. They made up their own Jesus, built of their desires, and had no use for the real Jesus, who shall judge us all.

Tremble, for you have no God as your advocate, He instead appears as your judge. The wicked in high places will become the wicked in the lowest place, no wind shall carry your ash, ever consumed.

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No issue that the Black mob has with the police, whites, or the american society can be addressed while they are a mob and not a society.

They have been freed for 150 years, they have been equal for 50, they have had affirmative action and preference for college for around 40 years. Any black person who wants to integrate with society successfully has that opportunity, more so than whites even.

These wild children in the streets have no civilization, no sense of the opportunities that others bled to give them, no gratitude for what they have. They aren’t looting to protest a police shooting, they are engaging in a criminality they revel in.

The police are probably too militarized, the police force in Ferguson is probably too white considering the population they are policing. Why arent blacks stepping up to be cops? They have hiring preference. Why are they tearing their own community down for a man who robbed a store violently ( on video) and is 290 lbs and assaulting a cop ( eye witnessed account).

Why not wait and observe to see if the cop was truly wrong? Why automatically assume the man was surrendering when accounts say he was on the attack?

Do whites tear down cities when blacks kill even their women and children? Maybe they should. Until blacks end their anticivilization culture there will be no peace between themselves and all other races in America. Even those who are illegal immigrants today will outpace them in society shortly because they arent self destructive.

Look to your houses, the divided ones fail.

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Equality is a false doctrine


I don’t believe in equality. This of course makes me a monster. I am not for rights for anyone based on sex. I have not seen any true instance of equality in my life, and I doubt I ever will. Women will always try to weasel service out of men, and men will try to weasel sex out of women. I also don’t believe in equality among the races, nations, or lifestyles. It doesn’t exist no matter how much you want to believe so. Each category does works that have more or less value in the eyes of God, nature, and humanity.

Equality doctrine is not about fairness. It is about elevating weak and or evil people to the same honor and privileges as those who legitimately have them, WITHOUT the responsibilities that inherently go with said honors and privileges.

The only legitimate judge of value is God, all others are merely trying to sit on His throne.

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The Thinking Housewife › Nice Presbyterians


Matthew 7:23 comes to mind. Those who work iniquity will be made to depart from Jesus in the hereafter. Attaching the holy name of God to abominable things like abortion, gay marriage, feminism, war and other causes does not make the workers of iniquity righteous.

No one is without fault, but to willfully call sins wonderful and good when you are supposedly a Christian denomination is heresy.

Plainly we are looking at the bible with blind eyes so as to only see what edifies our reprobate desires.

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